Unlock your imagination
and discover a world

What do you get when you combine Jaw-dropping MAGIC with Fun, Fairytales, Fantasies, lots of kids, and the most magical place of all – THE LIBRARY??? 

You get Magic Marlin’s new summer library program “ONCE UPON YOUR IMAGINATION!” designed to perfectly compliment the summer library theme “Imagine Your Story”.

If you’re looking for a super fun, memorable event
to make your summer reading program SPECTACULAR, look no further!

Contact me now to book this fun program and help your readers discover how unlocking their imagination is the key to unlimited adventures!

My programs highlight and reference books
in a fun and entertaining way which captures
kids’ attention and gets them excited about
reading more books and visiting the library,

“We really thought your program was great. The kids had a riot! It was so much fun listening to them laugh! Have a great summer. Looking forward to seeing you again.”

Carla Jones, Springfield Library

“The kids and their families had a wonderful time thanks to your fun and amazing magic show!  We could hear the roar of kids laughing and enjoying the show all the way upstairs!  I received many positive and enthusiastic comments from kids and parents alike. We look forward to having you back again.”

Andrea L. Fetterly, Youth Services Librarian / Richmond Memorial Library

The MAGICAL Smile-Maker!

Some of the highlights from this year’s show will be:

  • Amazing magic tricks, exciting surprises, and lots of smiles, laughter & fun for everyone!
  • Funny, mixed up, re-imagined fairytales will come to life right in your library. Volunteers will become the main characters and the entire audience will be drawn into, and become part of the hilarious escapades.
  • Fairytales or Fairy-tails? A tale of three tails! (A fun game of Hide & seek with three magical friends).
  • Words in a book magically change into pictures, just like our imagination creates in our mind when we read a book! (Even a chapter book with no pictures!!)
  • What happens after happily ever after?
  • Why are dragons sometimes friendly and sometimes a villain?

DON’T MISS THE FUN, the surprises, the smiles and laughter, the excitement and anticipation, the wonder and amazement!  Your audience will be totally engaged and captivated throughout the show and won’t want the magic to end! 

And If you want to see real magic, watch what happens when I ask for volunteers!  Electricity fills the room as EVERY HAND shoots into the air, hoping to be chosen. I build every opportunity possible into my show to maximize the number of volunteers who will help, and involve the entire audience throughout the show. After all, as we all know, children don’t just want to sit and watch – they want to be involved!!


Some (or most!) of your audience may enjoy learning a magic trick they can do themselves, or are curious about performing magic tricks. Perhaps they have a magic set at home, have borrowed magic books from the library, or dabbled with doing magic tricks on their own, and would like to learn how to enhance their performance.

This year my program will include a free 10 minute session where I’ll teach a couple of tricks kids can do themselves. I’ll also share some magical secrets in the form of a mini-lesson to enhance tricks they may already own or perform.

 **Upgrade to a DELUXE session:
The deluxe session can be extended from 10 minutes up to a full half hour based on your preference and needs. Several options are available. 
The deluxe session can be:

  • Added ahead of the show, for those who want to come before the standard show begins
  • Incorporated into the standard show as an additional segment so everyone is included
  • After the show, to allow those who want to leave the opportunity to do so

A free magic trick (or fun souvenir) will also be included that each child can select to take home!  A live demonstration of these tricks will be included in the teaching session, as time permits.

This deluxe option starts at $40, depending on the length of the session requested, as well as the number of attendees taking home a magic trick.
(Reminder: The basic 10 minute session is included for free.)


I understand that audience attendance for library programs is EXTREMELY unpredictable, especially for small libraries. You may end up with a packed house with standing room only, or you may only have 2 or 3 kids show up. I’m VERY FLEXIBLE and understanding and will happily adapt my show to make a fun experience for any size audience, even a single child or family.

There’s always Magic at the Library! 

Magic shows and libraries are the perfect combination!
At a magic show, anything can SEEM possible
and when you visit the library, anything IS possible!

If you’ve never booked one of my SMILE-MAKER magic shows yet, why not make this the year?

My Library Magic Show will have kids EXCITED about visiting your library and reading books!!

Contact me now and get ready for smiles, laughter, excitement and fun at your library this summer!!

Where will YOUR imagination 

take YOU?