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There’s ALWAYS magic happening at the library!

Summer reading programs aren’t the only time to book a fun and Spectacular Magic Marlin show!

You can book one of Marlin’s Library Magic Shows anytime of year!

  • Summer and winter reading programs
  • Seasonal & special theme shows including:
    Have a Great Fall Magic Show
    Winter Wonder Magic Show
    Spring Into the Library Magic Show
  • “Little Wonders” Magic Show – special program specifically for preschoolers
  • A special “Magical-Storytelling” program – stories come to life using fun
    magical props, costumes, and lots of volunteer actors from the audience.
  • My year-round “Reading Is Magic” program
  • Good Things Come in Small Packages – reduced price show specially designed for small libraries with very limited performance space, small audiences, and small budgets!
  • Family fun night programs
  • MAGIC WORKSHOPS also available for ages 7 & up

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